DC Society Ink



In order to ensure premium tattoo quality please adhere to the following instructions, using only the following products:

Dial Liquid Soap, Aquaphor

During the first three days of healing wash the tattooed area every hour for 10 minutes with a small amount of Dial Liquid Soap and water. After you have completely washed and dried the tattoo apply a plastic wrap barrier over the tattooed area. It is extremely important during these next 3 days you change the plastic wrap and clean the area as recommended.

For 2 weeks, you can not swim, sunbathe, sauna, gym, unnecessary loads causing profuse sweating. Keep animals away from the tattoo. You can have a quick shower. Do not overuse the cream, apply in a thin layer. If you are allergic to the cream (the main symptom is rash and itching), then you need to abandon the cream, drink antihistamines and continue to smear with another moisturizer, such as coconut oil.
Saniderm. Keep for 7 days. Liquid may collect under the wrap. If there is too much liquid or the skin around the film turns red (allergic reaction), then you need to remove saniderm and smear with aquaphor.

Suspicious manifestations on the skin (suppuration, swelling, redness, etc.) may indicate an infection of the tattoo. More careful tattoo care is needed. Applying an antibiotic to the skin. You must contact the artist.

A dry and cracked tattoo indicates insufficient moisture. It is necessary to smear with a moisturizer more often.

Please be aware that the tattoo is an open wound and should be treated as such

After the first 3 days continue to wash the tattooed area 3x a day for the next 2 weeks with a mixture of Liquid Dial soap and water. After the tattooed area is washed and dried apply a thin coat of Aquaphor to the entire area making sure to not over apply as the tattoo needs to “breathe”. Monitor the tattoo in between cleanings; if the tattoo becomes dry rewash and apply a thin layer of Aquaphor to the entire area as needed.