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rem the impaler

Rem the impaler

“Your body is a sacred temple, decorate it accordingly” -Rem The Impaler 
NYC born, Boston bred Full Body Piercer. Rem is a life long aerosol/mixed media artist with an eye for beauty & an inclination to leave the world a more beautiful place than he found it. While his hyper attention to detail & ability to maneuver sharp objects precisely was cultivated by moving through the ranks as a Fine Dinning Chef-Rem attributes his ability to connect with clients while making them feel at ease about impending pain to his schooling/previous career in the Psychology field. 
His pride in his customer service has made him one of the top & the highest reviewed full body Piercers in Tampa Bay. 
While Rem is the go to guy for any piercing, he specializes in piercing curations and the more taboo side of the piercing world. From permanent corset work, to sub dermal implants, to surface piercings, to genitals piercings & everything in between.